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Second Life campus

Our immersive campus, called deep|think, is a large Second Life development, which has been modelled into five distinct, but interconnected small islands, each with a well-defined function:

  • a welcome island, to welcome visitor and for orientation purposes;
  • a study island, with special purpose meeting spaces, common rooms and exhibition facilities;
  • a library island, for access to a variety of resources for study and research---a Beach Bar, is provided nearby for relaxation and fun activities, e.g., chatting, playing pool or listening to music or even dancing;
  • a sandbox, for rezzing objects and scripting activities; and
  • a central island with our main auditorium and related smaller theatres for large events, such as conferences, workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

View our deep|think video (by the side) or visit our deep|think welcome island inworld. You can also read about the project, by clicking here.