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Research Themes

MPhil study under this program is organised around research themes. On enrolment, students are required to choose the theme under which they would like to carry out their research projects.

Click on the links to find out more about research themes and projects which are currently available. We recommend you also approach the given contact(s) under each theme to discuss research options.

Dynamic models for tangled problems
Contact: Jon G. Hall (J.G.Hall 'at' and Lucia Rapanotti (L.Rapanotti 'at'

Assurance-driven system engineering
Contact: Jon G. Hall (J.G.Hall 'at' and Lucia Rapanotti (L.Rapanotti 'at'

Transparent Computing - Human Computer Interaction in the pervasive environment
Contact: Nick (Sheep) Dalton (N.Dalton 'at'

Debate Summarisation for Decision Support
Contact: Paul Piwek (P.Piwek 'at'

Language and Gesture Generation in Dialogue
Contact: Paul Piwek (P.Piwek 'at'

Complexity Science, Global Systems and Policy
Contact: Jeffrey Johnson (j.h.johnson ‘at’

Software Evolution
Contact: Michel Wermelinger (M.A.Wermelinger 'at'

Music Computing
Contact: Robin Laney (R.C.Laney 'at'

3D Virtual Worlds
Contact: Shailey Minocha (S.Minocha 'at' and Leonor Barroca (L.Barroca 'at'